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Savings card

No need to bring your discount- or bonuspass whenever you shop at Bonodora!
Our customers automatically collect credits and these can be used as a discount on a next order in our 3 shops.
How it works:
The customer collects automatically 1 point per € 1,- (ex sales tax) spend on products per order. 50 credits equals € 2,50 discount, 100  is € 5,- discount, 150 is € 7,50 discount, 200 is € 10,- discount, 300 is € 15,- discount etc.  except when you use a discount coupon or use your credits. You don't collect credits for shipping costs.
Accumulated credit is valid for 1 year. One month prior to the cancellation of your credits, you will receive a reminder per e-mail. In case you fail to respond, these credits will be deducted from the amount on your savings. When you use credits, you don't receive credits on that order. In the event of new purchases the customer may select to either use the collected credits or add credits.

Amount spend on products per order: 1 point per €  1,-  excl. VAT.

EXCHANGE: (per 50)
50  credits   €  2,50 Discount.
100 credits  €  5,-    Discount.
150 credits  €  7,50 Discount.
200 credits  € 10,-   Discount.
300 credits  € 15,-   etc.

Discount on order amount incl VAT ex shipping costs. Credits are not exchangeable together with coupons like discount codes or other action codes. (or/or discount) Credits are not refundable for money. Max usage is 500 per order.


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